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What You Will Get

What can I expect if I purchase a professionally written CV from Jobberman CV?

Firstly, we will have you fill out a short questionnaire. This is important to make sure we assign you the best writer based on your industry and on your particular experience level. This helps to ensure that anything important that you may not already be including on your CV will be added.

The questionnaire will also serve to show us what types of jobs you're looking at. This way we know that the exact type of hiring manager will be reading your CV on the other side of the table!

Once we assign you a writer, they'll begin a first draft and reach out with any questions they have for you. You will go back-and-forth on drafts with the writer until you are both happy with the final version.

How quickly will I get my new CV from Jobberman CV?

Typically, you'll have your new CV in your hands within a week. Including revisions, the process rarely takes longer than a fortnight. If that's not fast enough, we do offer the option for a rush order.

Will I be able to edit my CV in the future if something changes?

Certainly! We encourage that, and deliver the final document in an editable Microsoft Word document for that very reason.

Working With Us

Does Jobberman CV have writers in my industry?

Jobberman CV employs over 250 writers with over 65 industry specialisations between them.

CV writers familiar with your industry are able to showcase your accomplishments by using the terminology that people in your field use. Keywords, along with your skills and achievements, will stand out to hiring managers and also satisfy electronic screening tools.

Does Jobberman CV use CV templates?

The short answer is no.

Jobberman CV writers understand what each industry requires or responds to best. Additionally, many employers are using applicant tracking systems to sort and screen CVs.

That is to say that your CV may be getting stuck in the screening process and never making it to a real person. Jobberman CV is familiar with the latest CV screening technologies so your CV will easily bypass those systems.

Does Jobberman CV have testimonials, success stories, and real CV samples?

Here you'll find our recent testimonials and some real samples of our work.

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